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The specialists at Enid Urology Associates use proven treatment methods and cutting-edge technology, while supporting your dignity and autonomy.

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We feel it is important for our patients and their families to understand as much as possible about their urology problems. We make a special effort to explain everything to you regarding your condition

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Our practice takes pride in offering quality procedures, state-of-the-art medical equipment and highly trained staff in order to provide you the highest possible medical care in an efficient, friendly atmosphere.

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We have chosen our office personnel, office procedures, and medical equipment with much thought and care to provide quality medical services in an efficient, friendly atmosphere.

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Since 1970, Enid Urology Associates has been a trusted source for specialized urological care. Our dedicated staff are committed to working with you as a team to choose the best treatment plan. We strive for excellence through proven treatment regimens, including state-of-the-art procedures and non-invasive physical therapy.

Urology Care for Men and Women

Urological disorders can disrupt everyday life, sometimes in embarrassing ways. Don’t let pain or other symptoms cause you to miss work or skip the activities you love.  And you should never feel embarrassed to talk to a care provider about your health.

Urogenital System - Urology Services

The urinary tract – kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, prostate (in men), and urethra – can become infected, inflamed, or injured, causing significant pain

Common Symptoms:

  • Increased urine production
  • Urination urgency
  • Fever
  • Back pain (the side or small of the back)
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Pain in the groin, perineum, or pelvic floor
  • Penis, scrotum, or testicle pain in men

Men and women alike can be afflicted with a urological disorder, but their signs and symptoms may differ. While some conditions may be more common for a man or woman, many of them show no discrimination. For instance, urinary tract infections are more common in women, and prostatitis is exclusive to men. However, anyone can be inconvenienced by incontinence. That’s why our team of specialists approaches each of our patients with an open mind and trusted clinical skills.

Kidney Disease

Your kidneys work hard. Each day, they sift about 2 quarts of waste products and extra water out of your blood, and they secrete hormones that maintain the health of your blood, bones, and other tissues. Support the long-term health of these critical organs by paying attention to any concerning symptoms. Red flags for kidney disease include discolored urine, decreased urine production, fatigue, blood pressure changes, swelling and loss of appetite.

Bladder Conditions

A variety of conditions, from cancer to weakened supporting structures, can affect the bladder. We treat the full range of bladder disorders, as well as incontinence in both men and women. If you experience blood in urine, pain while emptying your bladder (or a continued feeling of fullness afterward), urinary urgency or frequency, the need to bear down while urinating, or the loss of control of urination, schedule an appointment. We specialize in treating these issues.

When a urological condition affects your work, relationships, or self-confidence, it’s time for solutions. Seek help from trusted experts.

our Patients are our #1 Priority

"Great Care"

"Dr. Worthen is an excellent doctor. He has cared for my husband since 2005, when he had kidney cancer. He has always been very professional and caring. And my husband is still cancer free. Great care."

Patient of Dr. Rodney Worthen • Enid, OK

"Good at Explaining Illness to Me Where I Could Understand"

"Found him to be good at explaining my illness to me where I could understand it. I was seen for kidney stones. He was able to get me right in and get me scheduled for surgery right away."

Patient of Dr. Jarrett D. Kruska • Enid, OK

"Always makes sure I understand everything"

"Been seeing Dr. Colvert for the last 5 years. Always good to explain each procedure I've had done and always makes sure I understand everything. Seems to be up on the latest procedure for my prostate problems"

Patient of Dr. James Colvert • Enid, OK